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High Performance Tips

Planning a vacation? Go on vacation and have a great time. When you return your spa will be crystal clear.

Going away for several months? Returning to clear clean water is simple.

  1. Clean your plumbing. Put 16 oz of Hydrogen Peroxide in your tub and run you jets.
  2. Clean your filters.
  3. Reactivate your AhhNatural before you leave.
Keeping your filters clean doesn't have to be time consuming. Have a second set of filters that you can rotate into your hot tub as you power clean and soak the first set in a bucket of Hydrogen Peroxide and water. That way you don't have to wait around while the dirty filters soak.

Clean means easier. Showering before use is recommended. If you overload your spa it will require more maintenance. Keep your spa free of dirt and oil. Avoid getting in with cosmetics, suntan lotions and heavy detergents.

Easy party strategy. If you have lots of guests one evening, put a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in before they arrive and after. Clean your filters the next day.

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