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How It Works

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How aahNatural Works

ahhNatural employs two separate natural processes to achieve crystal clear, bacteria-controlled water, and both are activated simply by placing the aahNatural porous filter bag directly into your spa.

First, a crushed silica-based mineral, formed in areas of the earth with high volcanic activity, removes organic-based contaminants, including the ammonia compounds found in perspiration. The volcanic minerals absorb contaminants by capturing them in the millions of tiny pores found within its crystalline structure. This process serves to limit odor-producing compounds and keep spa water clear.

Second, a proprietary dual-element based system works kill potentially harmful bacteria and prevent scale accumulation that can harm spa components. These naturally-occurring elements work together to limit bacteria by creating a miniscule shift in an electronic charge called oxidation/reduction potential (ORP). The shift controls microorganism growth in three ways: 1) by disrupting biological processes and causing cellular damage to the microorganisms, 2) by direct contact with bacteria, and 3) by the formation of oxidizing agents called hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide, both of which interfere with a microorganism's ability to function.

Limiting the input of contaminants such as oils, lotions and hair products into you spa will help improve the effectiveness and life of ahhNatural. A thorough shower before entering your hot tub, and cleanly washed bathing suits, are recommended.

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